With all the uncertainty at the moment it’s important that we have ways to keep us positive. Self-care is something that we can all do for ourselves to take care of our mental health & keep us as calm & happy as possible. Here are two of my favourite effective, yet simple self-care tools to use daily to keep positive.


Practicing feeling grateful for what you have puts the focus on the positive things in your life, rather than what you don’t have or are lacking.

We know that what we focus on we get more of as like attracts like. So, to get more of what you want in your life, you have to focus on the good things you already have and be thankful for them. This will attract more similar good things to you by training your mind to notice the good stuff around you.

Each day think of between 5 and 10 things that you are grateful for and record them in a notebook, which you can label your Gratitude Diary. Stuff you are grateful for can be anything you choose big or small; the people in your life, a compliment from a friend, your morning coffee, a favourite pair of jeans, a walk in the park, or something to appreciate in nature, such as a lovely sunset, a beautiful flower, or even the smell of fresh basil or mint from your herb garden or fridge.

A Photo Every Day

Hailey Bartholomew learnt from a life coach (who also just happens to be a nun!!) that the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude. Hailey overcame her own feelings of depression when she started appreciating the small and large aspects of her life that she was grateful for. She created the 365 Project in which she took a photo every day of something she was truly thankful for. Check out her inspiring story and the beautiful photos at www.365grateful.com.


There’s no doubt that music can alter our mood, just like that, quickly and easily. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that instantly takes you back to a past time, event, or person?

Music is such a powerful tool for changing our mindset. It happens automatically, so why not use music purposefully to uplift your mood? You can combine listening to your favourite, energising and mood-enhancing music with one of your daily activities. Listen to your favourite tunes whilst exercising, getting ready for your day, eating your breakfast, or whilst travelling to and from work.

You could create playlists for different purposes, maybe one to energise you when you’re feeling a little jaded, one to calm you for when you’re feeling wired, and another to lift you up when you’re feeling down.

Music has the effect of changing and enhancing your moods, and this tool can be harnessed and used within the day to put you in a great mood when you need to be at your best.