What drives a winning mindset, and how can you create an environment where you can avoid relapsing into old behaviours, break away from limiting beliefs and allow success to thrive?

A winning mindset

There are many factors that make up a winning mindset. The first is general attitude. Presumably you’re reading this article because you wanted to understand how you can improve yourself in the most efficient and time-effective way. In doing so, you’ve just demonstrated to yourself that you have some degree of motivation and desire to change, but here are some other important factors to consider:


This is probably the most important of all. In 2015, I went on a 40-week brand accelerator programme. Going on the programme was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, but my personal performance levels went through the roof because I was taken into an environment where I was surrounded by entrepreneurs or well-known business leaders talking about how they solve meaningful problems. Never underestimate the power of environment for driving performance.


Look around at who you associate with. Are they high-performing people? Look amongst your friends, work colleagues, your partner and even family. Is there someone there who is a toxic influence? Someone who is very negative or has a closed-mindset? These people are unhealthy to be around and will affect your performance. Get rid of them. It’s up to you to remove yourself from them; you are personally responsible for who you spend time with. If your goals are to get fitter, spend time with people who are as motivated as you are about getting fitter, and people who have the fitness you want to emulate. If you want to lose weight, hire a fitness coach who has lost weight and mix with people who have achieved significant weight loss.


This links back to hustle. Hard work isn’t enough, there needs to be a strategy behind it. Having a really big goal is important, but you have to be patient. Set a big goal, then map your path to that goal by setting small targets which eventually add up to the big result. As you achieve these little wins, celebrate them, then move on to the next milestone. People who have a winning mindset will feed off results, and if they don’t see them, will become frustrated. So, map your way to your ultimate goal, celebrate along the way, be persistent and never lose focus.

Asking for help

Your general attitude is how you think, what you say to yourself and others, and how you behave. It’s about self-respect, and therefore the level of respect you have for others. Many of us are unaware of how we sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts and that’s why it’s always good to ask for help if you need it, whether it’s from someone who’s got what you want or a qualified expert.

leanne spencer

Leanne Spencer

This article first appeared in the October 2016 issue of SE22 magazine.