If you have been suffering from physical pain for some time, you might have decided that 2016 is the year when you are going to try something new.

Amatsu Therapy International UK is running #AmatsuAwareness month in January 2016 to help to introduce this highly effective hands-on treatment to a wider audience.

Amatsu has origins in Japan and has helped countless people who are suffering from physical pain such as back pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, neck pain and limited movement and often where other approaches have not worked. Amatsu is a relatively gentle treatment – there are no cracks or crunches and the treatments are performed with the client fully clothed.

During January 2016, people interested in trying Amatsu can have a taster session by contacting their local practitioner, or if you know somebody who currently has Amatsu, why not tag along to their session (with their permission) so you can see for yourself how it all works?

You can contact your local practitioner for more information or to book a session with them.

Make 2016 the year when you feel better!

Lorna Clansey is your local Amatsu practitioner, based at Goose Green Clinic, East Dulwich Road. She specialises in working with people who have tried many different approaches to alleviate their pain, but haven’t found the relief they are looking for as Amatsu is highly effective in these circumstances.