We are delighted to bring an update from the runners from Dulwich who completed their own marathon last week.  Tom Fender tell us more.



We set off at 8am on Saturday morning.  The weather was warm but it was a bit cloudy – this made running conditions perfect.  No wind or rain.  Susie had missed five weeks of running due to an achillies injury in the run up to Saturday which we all had in the back of our minds….but thankfully, her achillies held out brilliantly.

We ran as a group the whole way round.  We had loads of friends and family support us on the route – including Leo Fender being our ‘outrider’ for the whole route.  Friends and family set up water / drinks/snack stations every 6-7km on average which was a godsend as 26 miles is quite a long way to go without refreshments and fuel/energy.

Our route took us from Brockwell Park/Herne Hill to Brixton, Clapham, back to Herne Hill, Loughborough Junction, Camberwell, Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, Peckham, Nunhead, Peckham Rye, Dulwich, Ruskin Park and back to the ‘finish line’ of Brockwell Park.

Our GPS said we were still 300m short when we got to Brockwell Park so we had to carry on running to the lido and back to the gates for our official 26.2m run.  Our time was 3 hours 59 minutes and 31 seconds – we were all delighted to run a sub 4-hour marathon.

As we stand, we have raised £12,000+. But then we need to add gift aid (20%) this – takes us £14.5k.

And we believe that Barclays Bank are also going to add a further 20% to the amount raised (20% on top of £12k = £2.4k) so this takes us to approximately £17,000 raised.  You can still donate here.

We are all delighted.  We also all went for a walk on Sunday morning to stretch the legs/fight the lactic acid and no one seemed to be too battered or bruised.

We all loved the event and are thinking of making it an annual event.  See you in 2021!