Europe’s largest yoga company is celebrating the launch of two new London locations.

Fresh out of the relentless indulgence of the festive period, the first month of the year is renowned for being a little depressing. From the cold weather, to being back at work with no payday in sight (not to mention the endless hangover after a month spent mainlining gin and mince pies), it’s no wonder that most of us want to spend the month hiding in bed until it’s all over.

Step forward Hotpod Yoga – an otherworldly purple heated cocoon of glowing lights, heady aromas and enveloping soundscapes – taking you a million miles away from the grey streets of London. This is yoga reinvented. Breathe deeper. Stretch further. Sweat harder. Melt into it. To understand it you’ve got to experience it.

Heated to a blissful 37 degree temperature (warm enough to banish the chills, not so hot that you can’t bear to move), it’s designed to be a physical escape, the next best thing to sneaking back under the duvet and hibernating there until Spring. Hotpod Yoga even pumps heady aromas through the pod, designed to boost endorphins and positivity.

You’ll be guided through a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and mind in equal measure – all designed to help clear the head, work off a hangover or just bring you back to a human-like state. Worry not if you don’t know your Downward Dog from your Warrior Two – this really is yoga for everyone. No matter what your level – you’ll be getting a potent shot of yoga, and all within an hour. Just step into the pod and really get into it…

Hotpod Yoga Dulwich, Unit 3, 13-19 Croxted Road, London, SE21 8SZ

All bookings must be made in advance and online at