In 30 years time all houses and flats in Dulwich will, by law, have to be Net Zero writes Andrew Cunningham.

This means that all energy sources into our homes will need to be zero carbon and zero fossil fuel. 100% green electricity and 100% green hydrogen gas will be the only energy we will be legally allowed to buy to heat and power our homes. This is not a vague aspiration, it is set in law.

Gas boilers are already to be outlawed in new build properties by 2025.  Green wood and coal can no longer be burned in open fires.

The writing is on the wall.

A zero carbon world is coming, whether we like it or not.

This is a massive undertaking and will require huge changes in our homes and high streets as well as in the wider national infrastructure (more wind  and solar farms , nuclear power etc).

Dulwich Net Zero is a group of people who will encourage each other to make these changes in their homes and businesses.

A mixture of new heating methods (Air or Ground Source Pumps), Solar Panels and Internal and External Insulation, Double Glazing, Draught proofing will need to work together to get things done.

It is not an easy task. The retrofit of Victorian and Edwardian properties to become very low carbon is complicated.

The challenges are technical, financial and aesthetic. Technical issues still plague the real world retrofit project with a ‘performance gap’. The cost of retrofit is expensive with little help from the government (at the moment) to get a proper job done. Most of us love our Dulwich streets and interiors and are loathe to tinker with them, even with a stern eyed Gretta looking on.

Dulwich Net Zero aims to share success stories on how a local person or business has made the first step in seriously reducing their carbon footprint.

Dulwich Net Zero aims to encourage and inspire and inform.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 23 September at 7pm at
ORU Space, 22 Lordship Lane, SE22 8HN

We will discuss the New Green Homes Grant and how it could help you.

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