The talented chap who penned Hamlet once noted that “winter tames man, woman, and beast.” Well it has certainly tamed The Hamlet men recently, with a series of spatchcocked results spreading themselves across the early part of 2022 like a roadkill pigeon on the South Circular. Defeats against basement team Billericay, Chelmsford and Hungerford have cast a brumal pall over the season. But hold firm ye of faint and faltering heart, for the signs of a footballing spring are there to see; with hard fought victories in Slough, a draw against high-flying Dartford, and most emphatically a 3-1 tonking of Concord at Champion Hill. Concord are of course Canvey Island’s most senior team. But their display against the boys in pink and blue was not particularly brilleaux and they certainly didn’t feelgood as they left South East London in their executive coach, knocking back milk and alcohol, all the way back to the Thames Delta. 

By way of mitigation, it should be said that the Champion Hill physio room is as busy as Florence Nightingale’s cleaner at Inkerman. A busted leg here, a concussion there; the Sons of Edgar Kail are down to the barest bones squad wise. Strong liniment and the judicious application of a cold sponge will surely see the return of some key players as the days lengthen and the warmth embraces the sylvan hills of East Dulwich; in turn propelling the boys towards play-off glory.  You’ll want to be there to see it. And you’ll love to see it. 

  Meanwhile, the women team’s season has also been a bit of a curate’s egg. But a good run of results recently have seen the Daughters of Edgar Kail clamber out of the drop zone into the sunny uplands of mid-table obscurity.  Matches are on a Sunday and the crowds a little less packed in than for men’s matches.  Well worth a slug of your time.  

 In other sweet news, your correspondent recently won a decent slug of cash from the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust 100 club Lottery. Not a life changing amount for sure. But it proved to be a weekend enhancing boost to the bank account. You’ve got to be in it to win it. So why not sign up and help raise money for the club at

As always, the Dulwich Hamlet website at is the place to be to keep up with all the latest news and to get details of all upcoming men’s and women’s team games. And you should certainly head to the Supporters Trust’s site ( to check out the latest trends in pink and blue apparel and accessories. 

Until Champion Hill.