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Over the next few months I’m going to be writing a series of short workouts designed to help you get fitter, stronger and burn fat. Exercise can have a very profound effect on mental health too, so you may well notice some changes to how you feel. The workouts should take no longer than 20 minutes, but make sure you complete the warm-up and cool-down to minimise risk of injury and aid recovery. If you are in any doubt about your physical health or ability to interpret and perform these exercises safely, please consult an exercise professional first.

Last month I focused on exercises to strengthen your upper body. This month, I’ve put together a routine which will improve your cardiovascular fitness and develop greater muscle tone. This workout uses all the major muscle groups across the body, and benefits both heart and lungs as it’s a high intensity workout. For this reason, do not try this if you do not already have a good level of fitness or have any concerns about your health, and do a minimum of 10 minutes warm-up.

This workout is based on the principles of Tabata training. Tabata is workout based on 4 minutes of intense exercise; 20 seconds of non-stop full-on exercise, then a 10 second break before starting again. You will only need to do this once so if you’re short on time then this is for you. You don’t need any equipment, just bodyweight, some space to move and a bottle of water handy for afterwards. You can download an app to time yourself or ask someone to help you.

So here’s the workout:

20 secs


10 secs REST
20 secs TUCK JUMPS
10 secs REST
20 secs PRESS UPS
10 secs REST
10 secs REST
10 secs REST
10 secs REST
10 secs REST
20 secs SIT UPS
10 secs REST


Stretch all the major muscle groups, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds.

Remember to stay hydrated before, during and after exercise to minimise injury and to get the most out of your exercise. Do not be tempted to skip the stretches, or cut them short; the stretching is as important as the exercise itself.

If you would like to more clarity on the exercises here or have any questions relating to fitness and exercise, you can contact me via @BodyshotPT on Twitter or email me at We’re very friendly and there’s no charge for answering questions!

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