Want to get down to earth? Then get to Emmanuel wildlife garden, off  Chalford Road, West Dulwich on the last Wednesday afternoon (2-4pm) of every month.

Norwood Wildlife team created a garden on a patch between Emmanuel, a Parish Church, and their neighbours 12yrs ago and have recently returned it to its original purpose with the help of Church members.  The main garden is an orchard of wild fruit trees, crab apple, cherry, plum (and soon pear) to feed the birds.  Around it is a hawthorn hedge with cow parsley and other hedgerow plants. At the entrance to the area stands a magnificent Rowan tree underplanted with primroses, dog violets and wild grape hyacinths and a long bed nearby is a showpiece for bigger subjects such as teasel, burdock and thistles.

John Cotter, the Norwood team leader, says beginners will be welcome and he hopes they will go on to work on the team’s main project, Norwood Park’s Country Walk, a winding path across 3 acres which have been planted with most of the trees and flowers once native to London. A pond, bog, small meadows an twelve sitting areas created from section of tree trunks have to be maintained.  The team work every Saturday, 1-4pm, rain or shine all year round.

The church and park schemes are both funded by the sale of by-products such as 3 cornered garlic, willow wands and blackberry plants in compost containing wildflower seed.

We hope to see you, for further information contact John Cotter on 8244 8724.

Currently on sale:

Bags of three cornered garlic, £3
Willow wands to make an arbour or living fence £5
Blackberry plants £5