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Think Big Project is launching this week with South London female business owners and entrepreneurs inspiring local young women to run their own businesses.  Its first event is on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at Elm Green School in Tulse Hill.

Clare Empson, founder of Think Big Project said, “I know so many women who are running their own successful businesses, some after working for larger organisations, and the Think Big Project is looking to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs by sharing our paths to where we are now. We’d like to show them that life may take them in all sorts of positive directions they may not have thought about if they are willing to take the opportunities out there”

A dozen female business owners and entrepreneurs will be volunteering to inspire 6th formers at Elm Green School to think about what young women today can achieve, and how they themselves came to run their own businesses.  They will be discussing how young women today can empower themselves to create their own work by being adaptable and spotting the opportunities.

For more information on theThink Big Project go to or follow on Twitter @inspirethinkbig.  Think Big Project is a not for profit organisation.