Sirin is the director of Pro Beauty Clinic, a new beauty salon on the corner of Hindmans Road and Upland Road, East Dulwich.

What brought you here?

I’ve worked in Dulwich for 11 years doing beauty therapy, before I decided to set up my own salon. I love the area and the people are great.

Describe your perfect weekend…

Good food, good company and good weather.

Where are you likely to be found on a Saturday?

In the salon making people look and feel fabulous.

What is your favourite place to eat?

Havet in Bromley. The Turkish food is amazing there and they do the best calamari!

Coffee or tea? Where? 

Always tea, sometimes a mocha at the French cafe on Forest Hill Road.

The best meal I ever had…

Was in Cyprus. Lamb off the bone cooked in a clay oven. It was delicious!

Cafe, pub or bar?

All three. Love going to cafes for breakfast. Pubs are good for a lazy Sunday roast dinner and bars are great for a drink and a chat.

Where’s your favourite place to have a drink? 

I really liked going to The Adventure Bar on Lordship Lane every now and again. Loved the atmosphere and the cocktails were good. I’ve heard it’s now closed down which is such a shame, I’ll have to find a new bar that’s just as good.

The best kept secret?

I owe it to Revitalash for my ridiculously long lashes. It’s such a great product that actually works!

When I want to relax…

I arrange to have a full body massage. Put some calming music on and switch off from the world for an hour.

My perfect holiday…

Would be somewhere hot with gorgeous sandy beaches, lots of exciting activities and little bit of night life.

If money was no object… 

I would be travelling the world!