Sheila Robinson is the director of SVREducation an educational consultancy specialising in assessment and educational publishing. She has lived in East Dulwich and West Dulwich since 1987 when her family moved from central London. She has been a Head and has many years teaching experience at Alleyn’s and state schools. She has two grown up children.

What brought you to the area?

I moved here with my family because I was offered a senior management role at Alleyns Junior School. It was a wonderful school to work in and every day was a challenge. Such a pity that it has become so popular that it is almost impossible to get into. Perhaps they should expand? By far the best school in Dulwich, in my opinion.

What has changed most during that time?

It has changed so much in the last 30 years since we arrived. There are so many good restaurants and shops ( I’m a big fan of Moxons, William Rose and of course Marks and Spencer) The  cinema has been a welcome addition too.

What one thing would you change?

Parking is a problem. It is such a pity that a lot of shops don’t survive in the village due to high rents and such a shame that the local village community no longer have a local shop within walking distance. This is particularly difficult for the senior members of the community who are no longer unable to walk to their local shop for a pint of milk or loaf of bread. Perhaps the Dulwich Estate should reconsider their rents?

Do you belong to any groups?

I really enjoy the company of my book group. Only one member lives in Dulwich.

Describe your perfect weekend

Walking my dog Bella in the Park, she sadly died at Christmas, playing scrabble with my daughter, spending time with friends. I spend a lot of weekends in Cornwall and the Cotswolds

What is your favourite place to eat?

Probably Yama Moma. There are however many good restaurants on offer. I like The Palmerston and Bonne Bouffe in North Cross Road. Such a pity that the same cannot be said of Dulwich Village.

Coffee or tea? Where?

Drinking tea on a sunny day in Romeo Jones.

The best meal I’ve ever had…

Best meal black cod in Yama Moma.

The best kept secret…

My hairdresser Stephen at GMs, I will never get an appointment now.

What is your favourite shop?

Jigsaw… I’ve bought most of the shop but there are no bargains.

If money was no object…

I would still continue to work but maybe buy a little place in the sun and possibly move back to East Dulwich, somewhere small and chic.

The book I’m reading at the moment…

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid an intriguing read and My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. I don’t buy books online because I believe in supporting my local bookshop, Village Books. Hazel and Tracey are very friendly and the font of all knowledge. They have also been very supportive of my publications.

My perfect holiday…

I went on safari to Uganda last year as my daughter is working out there. It was a life changing experience.

My secret ambition…

I will tell you when it happens.

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