The Last Word in SE23 this month went to Raj Tanna.  Raj is a local Estate Agent who has worked in and around SE23 for almost 30 years. During this time, he has been involved in property sales in almost every road in SE23 and he still has the same passion for property as he did when he first started!

How long have you lived in the area?

I lived in Forest Hill for 28 years, went to school in the area and my daughter spent the first few years of her life here.

What brought you here?

My father moved to Forest Hill in the later 70’s as he worked locally and before moving to Forest Hill, he had an exceptionally long commute.

What has changed most during that time?

Where do I start… It’s become more multi-cultural. More younger people have moved into the area. The high street has also developed a lot since the late 80’s (it was very rundown then). The opening of the Overground has also bought more people into the area that perhaps would not have moved to Forest Hill before.

What do you most value about the area/street you live in?

I used to live in Forestholme Close, it was a wonderful cul-de-sac and there were lots of kids my age that lived there at the time, it was great fun and we used to play in the close all the time. I met some of my best friends there and one of them still lives in the Close.

What one thing would you change?

I’d love to see parking made easier, I really think it would help the local shops and has held back Forest Hill for many years.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?

I do love music and football; I’m an R & B fan and a massive Arsenal fan, I couldn’t do without either.

The most famous person you’ve seen or met?

I met Al Pacino while on holiday in Venice, that day was amazing, it was my wife’s birthday (she was pregnant with our daughter at the time) and I’d just met my idol.

What’s your favourite place for a night out?

I must say it was Forest Hill when I was a young man, I’d go to the Malt and Shovel (formally the Forest Hill Barn), its now called the Hill (pubs shut at 11pm back in the day) then a large group of us would go to the Pakeezah on London Road for the best chicken tikka masala in the world. Sadly, this has now gone but will never be forgotten.

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?

Now, I would be at home with my family relaxing.

The best kept secret…

The view of London from the bandstand in Horniman’s Park, it amazing

If money was no object..

I would do a course to teach Yoga and Meditation, I have real interest in Buddhism, and I want to be able to teach Yoga/Meditation in the coming years.