Natalie De Luca is the editor of South London Blog, writing about all things great south of the river. Natalie is also a freelance Digital Marketer specialising in PPC and Social Media, working with local companies to help them drive more traffic to their websites.

How long have you lived in the area?
I grew up in North Dulwich and have recently returned to the area, living in West Dulwich, after spending some time travelling in South America.

What brought you here?
The area has great transport links which makes it very convenient. The amount of parks in the area is also a big plus for me, it’s great both for exercising in and relaxing in the sun. You get a feeling of being further out of London than you are.

What has changed most during that time?
I live in West Dulwich, very close to Herne Hill and the big change I’ve seen here is that the area is definitely more trendy. There’s lots more going on and I think this is in part due to the overspill from Brixton. It’s great to see new bars and cafes opening up.

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?
In Dulwich or Belair Park doing some morning exercise, after that who knows. I like to check out new bars or restaurants in South London to cover on my blog, and I also like to go along to local events such as the monthly West Norwood Feast and the Lambeth Country Show so it would probably be something like that.

What is your favourite place to eat?
Da Procini is a favourite for my family and I. They serve fantastic Italian food, not just pizza and pasta, the staff are very friendly and it’s only a short walk home!

Coffee or tea? Where?
Coffee at Volcano Coffee Works. The coffee is great and they have a cool logo and great cups as well.

Cafe, pub or bar?
All of the above, depending on my mood! I’m looking forward to the Crown and Greyhond re-opening in the village.

Where’s your favourite place to walk?
Through Dulwich Village and around Dulwich Park is always a winner – stopping for coffee and cake along the way is recommended!

What is your favourite shop?
All the shops on North Cross Road! Great for having a browse, buying unique cards and gifts. I’ve also recently started working with Roullier White on their Digital Marketing and they have some great all natural products.

What was the last thing you bought there?
I bought a great card for Father’s Day from Postmark- something a long the lines of “Best Dad in Dulwich”. I like getting things like that which are super local.

My perfect holiday…
I’ve recently been travelling in South America for four months where I got to go to Rio Carnival and trek to Macchu Picchu, I think that might be as close to perfect as it can get…

My secret ambition…
To own a beautiful house in Dulwich Village!

This feature first appeared in the August 2015 issue of SE21 magazine.