Amal Alaoui is a Wellbeing & Stress Consultant to adults and children, incorporating craniosacral therapy into integrated treatments. She is a published health writer and communications trustee to the health charity, Craniosacral Therapy Association [CSTA].

How long have you lived in the area?

SE London is where I have lived for 15 years.  When I first moved to London I lived in Wimbledon and Fulham.  With a growing family, the crossover to SE24 and SE20 seemed logical. I also work in SE23 and central London.

What has changed most during that time?

The demographic profile and the high streets.  It is always encouraging to see more independent places popping up in the area.

What do you most value about the area/street you live in?

When we first moved here I had no idea how friendly the street was. I feel very blessed to have such considerate and interesting neighbours and there is a great sense of community.  We also have fantastic public transport.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?

My children and craniosacral treatment. Yes that’s two!

Do you know your neighbours?

As mentioned above, we know many of our neighbours. It is that kind of street and we nicknamed it Friendliest Street In London!

The most famous person you’ve seen or met?

Meryl Streep many years ago in Holland Park!  She was very shy and I remember her smile when I said hello! On another occasion I sat opposite singer, Sade, while attending a wellbeing conference. I was so star struck I only spoke with her when it was time to leave!  I used to work on big PR events and while organizing an awards photo shoot, I met with former rugby player Brian Moore and Cherie Blair [before her husband became Prime Minister]. For one hilariously funny moment the cameras went crazy taking pictures of these two being amused!

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?

Either working at my practice in SE23 or enjoying family time with our rescue dog.

Coffee or tea? Where?

Coffee. Dalhousie, described as “cake & coffee heaven” is a little touch of glamour in Crystal Palace.  I would describe it as Soho members club meets SE19!  I am also very loyal to Romeo Jones in Dulwich Village.

The best kept secret?

Self awareness – achieving greater self awareness of what works for us and what doesn’t is an art. Once we have this understanding, it is something we can access to feel more connected and in harmony, both emotionally and physically as an individual.

The perfect holiday?

It would have to be by a sandy beach with plenty of sunshine, music, fresh food and loved ones.