Mathilde Cacao – a 10 year old student at Rosemead Preparatory School – took the incredible initiative to set up a fundraising stall in favour of The Malala Fund. Setting up her own stand at the recent Dulwich Festival Fair, she sold food ‘with a spine’ and homemade lemonade. It showed great entrepreneurial skills, focus and determination as well as the organisational mastermind of a 10 year old.

She got up at 6 a.m. to prepare over 150 fruit kebabs and 10 litres of lemonade with help from her mum and brother.

To promote the stall, Mathilde distributed flyers in her school and emailed friends. Her headteacher also promoted the stall in the weekly school newsletter.

This was Mathilde’s first charity event and she is already planning her next charity stall at Rosemead’s summer fair on 25th June. Mathilde has decided she is going to improve her products and the visitors to her next stall can look forward to a ‘Do It Yourself Chocolate Fondue’ .

She raised over £200, which will go directly to The Malala Fund to help girls to get the education they deserve.

Mathilde says: “Malala stands up for people. She is determined and outspoken, and shows people that they have rights.”

Watch this space for a new generation of charity workers!