Our story starts with the frozen, but fertile, earth – made up of many layers built-up over time.  A seed is brought from a distant land, borne by the wind it lands on this frozen ground. Tentatively, new life is nurtured and new growth springs forth…

As we reach British Summer Time we celebrate the changing of the seasons, and the growth and change of a community over time.

Following on from 2017’s successful Spring Waking, Southwark Council have commissioned a brand-new event for East Dulwich. SPRING RISING will see Emergency Exit Arts and Output Arts return to East Dulwich to create another spectacular community event.

Spring Rising will feature a glowing community procession, with costumed dancers, live music and hundreds of people from across the community, ending in a magical illuminated garden with a finale show featuring the work of Sophia Walker.

The procession has been designed by EEA and Output arts along with a brilliant team of Associate Artists. We will be working with schools, community groups and local residents to make lanterns using images of spring growth which will be carried on the parade.

The event will be held on Saturday 24 March 2018 and is FREE to attend. Keep a look on the EEA website for more details – www.eea.org.uk