How can you achieve spectacular results at a relatively reduced cost? Why not look at the smallest room in your house; the separate toilet room, if you have one.

Take the space for starters; small and compact so the amount of materials and decoration required is therefore proportionate. For example, a new toilet, wash hand basin and radiator upgrade remains significantly cheaper than revamping a small bathroom or shower-room.

My advice is to be brave with your decoration. To create a spectacular experience try treating it separately from your other decorations. The room is normally hidden behind a door, therefore the contents are only revealed upon opening. To achieve a room that works well and looks fantastic requires clever design.

Colour provides the most immediate impact. Whilst a tendency is to go for lighter colours and plain walls, this can actually emphasise the smallness of the space. By cleverly using mid to darker coloured paints and, in particular, large patterned wallpaper, one can blur the boundaries and create a room of seeming capaciousness. Be bold, use one colour throughout or consider wallpapering both walls and ceiling.

Simple architectural additions can create a sum that looks more than the parts.  Try adding new skirting boards, which I prefer to be over-scaled. Consider a mirrored wall. Panel the door and/or walls.  Replace a nasty old handle and key lock to a privacy lock.  If your preferred choice is minimalistic, then the same rules apply to you, only with a more restrained materials palette and colour.

Lighting creates a mood. Installing discreet and sunken spot lighting, warm LED lighting in hidden areas or, a back lit mirror, adds drama at relatively little expense. Effective lighting is often under specified in a project. Row upon row of inset ceiling lights, which provide too much lighting, produces a harsh atmosphere. Our aim in a toilet space is for sufficient ambient lighting to create the right mood to enhance the space.

Flooring must be practical and aesthetically pleasing. Linoleum and vinyl are relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, easy to clean, and comfortable underfoot. They can have the appearance of tiling and are a wise choice. Linoleum is made from renewable materials and provides you with bespoke options if preferred. Forbo’s linoleum, under the brand of Marmoleum, also provide you with an array of choices, including bespoke. Vinyl flooring is also extremely practical and robust so search out Harvey Maria who manufacture luxury vinyl flooring. Their rubber flooring of the studded kind is also worth looking at for something different. Other choices of flooring can include tiles, wood, marble and stone, however, watch for the change in level from the outside to the inside when applying such materials.

Mood Boards. To kick start your scheme, start with a concept then create your mood board so you do not deviate too far from your initial concept.  Today’s choice of sanitary ware, faucets, paints and wallpapers, which includes 100% waterproof wallpaper even removing the need for tiling, provides you with unlimited and sometimes confusing choices. To avoid ending up with a completed project that disappoints, remain true to your objectives.

So, start collecting images, devise a concept for your big ideas and before you know it, right there in front of you, your small space will begin its transformation. All that will remain then is its execution and finally, your enjoyment.