Marianne Kavanagh author photo

Writer and journalist Marianne Kavanagh’s debut novel, For Once in My Life, was published worldwide last year. Later this month, her second novel Don’t Get Me Wrong  –  which has also sold internationally  –  will be published in the UK.

Set in south-east London, Don’t Get Me Wrong tells the story of Kim and Harry, two people who can never agree about anything except wanting to be loved by Kim’s elder sister Eva. For years, Kim and Harry fight  – at family parties, weddings and funerals. Neither of them has the courage to face the real reasons for their dysfunctional relationship until the worst of all tragedies strikes and long-buried secrets come to the surface.

Don’t Get Me Wrong has already won praise from the US book trade, with Kirkus calling it ‘Surprising and fresh… all the intelligence and wit of a Richard Curtis romantic comedy.’ Fellow local writer and journalist Stephanie Calman, author of Confessions of a Bad Mother, says: ‘It packs an emotional punch. The characters reach under your skin and stay with you, long after the climactic final page has been turned.’

Don’t Get Me Wrong is published in ebook and trade paperback (Text Publishing, £10.99), and is available online or from local bookshops. The audio versions of both For Once in My Life and Don’t Get Me Wrong will be available from Audible later this year.

Photo credit: Marzena Pogorzaly