Good Luck – Exam Results

For all those families with exam results pending – good luck for A level results on18 August and GCSE’s results 25 August. We have really good secondary schools locally so I’m sure we’ll see more brilliant results. Good Luck to everyone.

Before going on holiday…

Many of us will be fortunate enough to be going on summer holidays. So this is a good time to think about holiday security to minimize the risk of us being burgled while we’re away – I hope this checklist is helpful:

  1. Check your home insurance cover – ensure new purchases are covered.
  2. Install timers – evening light, invest in a TV simulator e.g. “Fake TV”, leave a radio on a timer during the day. Appear to be at home (but don’t drive your neighbours mad with timer loud controlled devices).
  3. Leave curtains and blinds open – closed or half closed curtains throughout the daytime apparently can make it obvious you’re away.
  4. Mow lawns before going away, cut hedges and plants down to below chest height so people can see your front door and windows and anyone tampering with them or generally acting suspiciously.
  5. Don’t forget the postman! – If you are going away for a long period of time consider signing up to the Royal Mail Keepsafe™ holding deliveries for up to 66 days. It starts at £13.50 for up to 17 days. This will ensure a pile of post doesn’t collect on any visible doormat making it obvious you’re away, and if you still have milk/papers delivered cancel them too.
  6. Keep valuable items out of sight – If items are small, consider keeping them in a lockable safe or hidden out of the way.
  7. Don’t announce you’re going on holiday on social media – If you want to share your holiday experiences with your friends, share them when you get back.
  8. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out for when you’re away – they can ensure things like letters and leaflets are pushed all the way through letterboxes.
  9. Leave a contact telephone number of a key holder with the immediate neighbour if they are not your key holder.
  10. Securely lock all windows, doors, gates, bicycles, garages and sheds – do not leave spare keys anywhere in sight.
  11. Remember addresses on luggage labels can also tell a thief you’re away.
  12. Make time for a final check – before leaving ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible.
  13. Have a great holiday!

When you have more time the following online crime prevention survey I’ve found useful and recommend you try it out and find where you need to improve your homes security.

And if you’re not a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme – which often bring insurance discounts please get in touch.


EU Referendum

Locally people voted roughly 3:1 to remain in the European Union. But the overall result, as everyone knows, is Brexit won. This has clearly result in huge unanswered questions and lots of uncertainty. Added to this roughly 1 in 10 local residents were born in fellow EU countries. So far they’ve been given no assurance that no matter how long they’ve lived and worked here, brought up or bringing up families they may be told to leave. The current government hasn’t ruled out deportations. If like me you think this is illiberal, unfair, inhumane or just plain daft please sign up to one or both of these petitions here and here.

James Barber
Councillor for East Dulwich

07900 227366