Hi, I’m James McAsh: one of your new local councillors. As of May 3rd 2018 East Dulwich has been separated into two wards. Goose Green has three councillors, Victoria Olisa, Charlie Smith and myself, while Dulwich Hill has two, Maggie Browning and Jon Hartley. Your councillors represent you by raising issues on your behalf and by making sure that residents’ interests are prioritised in Southwark Council’s decision-making. Thank you to everyone who voted; it is an honour to represent such a vibrant community. And thank you, too, to Angela for inviting the five of us to continue the successful SE22 Councillors column.

This month I want to highlight some of the issues raised with us on the campaign trail, and explain what we are doing about them. We want to hear your thoughts on them, and next month the Dulwich Hill councillors will do the same.


Parking is getting more difficult in many areas in East Dulwich, particularly around the train station and near Lordship Lane, and the question of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) divides opinion. Some support them as a means of ensuring there is available parking near their home; others feel that they are unnecessary and costly. We three Goose Green councillors will only support the implementation of a CPZ if it has the support of the local residents. What do you think?

Safety on Lordship Lane

Lordship Lane is getting busier and busier. This is welcome, but it also brings concerns about road safety. We are looking into what changes can be made to the road, particularly around junctions, to protect vulnerable road users: pedestrians and cyclists. What do you think?

Problems with rented housing

There are many conscientious and responsible landlords, but sadly some fall short of expectations. Southwark’s licensing scheme covers shared houses and all rented properties on Lordship Lane between Bawdale Road and Goose Green, so that landlords must observe Council regulations on management, fire safety, amenities and space. We are looking into whether this should be extended to a wider area, with more information here. What do you think?

Get in touch

Let us know what you think about these and any other concerns you have in the Goose Green area, or relating to Southwark Council. Goose Green residents can contact the three of us by email on James.McAsh@southwark.gov.uk, Victoria.Olisa@southwark.gov.uk, and Charlie.Smith@southwark.gov.uk.

You can also visit us at one of our surgeries at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at East Dulwich Community Centre on Darrell Road.

If you’re not sure if you live in Goose Green or Dulwich Hill you can find out here.

Finally, a big congratulation to Dulwich Hamlet Football Club on their promotion to the Vanarama National League South! Let’s hope that we can welcome them back home to Champion Hill very soon.