Hello. My name is Victoria Olisa, one of your three councillors for the new Goose Green Ward, with James McAsh (who wrote last month’s article) and Charlie Smith. It’s been a busy three months since our election in May, but here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been doing.

Vale Residents’ Association  

We met the organisers of the VRA, which represents residents living near East Dulwich station, to hear about innovative ways of engaging their neighbours to improve their area, which we will continue to support. As ward councillors we are committed to supporting residents to set up their own tenants’ and residents’ associations – especially for those living in street properties and small housing complexes – so that they can have an active voice. What do you think about residents’ associations?

Northcross Road Business Group   

We’re listening to the concerns of local traders who are working together and discussing how best to support the vibrant business district that is Lordship Lane. If you would like to find out about getting advice and funding to set up your own Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (TRA), contact me at Victoria.Olisa@southwark.gov.uk. What do you think about local business support?

Goose Green ward panel 

June 20th saw the first meeting of the new Goose Green police panel which gave me the opportunity to meet the new neighbourhood policing team, which is working with residents to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, particularly around Peckham Rye Park. What do you think about crime control?

Dulwich Almshouse Charity Estate   

On June 21st I visited this charity in the heart of Dulwich Village and was pleased to hear of its work to increase affordable social housing for local people who are over 60 and have assets of less than £60,000, so if you want to know more about their self-contained flats for older local residents, contact the charity at dac@thedulwichestate.org.uk. What do you think of social housing provision?

Dulwich Community Council     

The DCC met on July 17th in a warm and packed Dulwich Library with eight of the nine councillors representing the area (Cllr Catherine Rose was busy with her mayoral duties). It was good to hear from local groups about their exciting environmental work to improve Peckham Rye Park. We also were pleased to be able to allocate a total of an extra £21,424 for various residents-led initiatives, like bicycle hangars across the whole of Dulwich, traffic-calming in Dulwich Village, and traffic management systems across the area. Contact Fitzroy.Lewis@southwark.gov.uk to find out when the next meeting is, and come along to find out what community groups are doing and get updates on local consultations on subjects such as car parking. And tell us what you think.

New health centre and Charter School, East Dulwich Grove 

On July 20th the next phase of the exciting new development on the site of the old Dulwich Hospital was launched by our MP, Helen Hayes, who has worked with parents, campaigners and school communities to bring about the much-needed new integrated health centre for the area. The new school is to be completed early next year, with pupils joining in the summer. What do you think of schools provision for our communities?

Resident engagement    

Southwark Council is conducting a radical review of how it engages with its tenants and leaseholders and is setting up a Co-Design Residents’ Panel. Over the next three months it will be taking residents’ comments and suggestions to help shape new engagement services, to ensure that every resident gets the appropriate engagement service. It’s about you, so let me know what you think by contacting Victoria.Olisa@southwark.gov.uk.

Your other Goose Green councillors can be contacted at James.McAsh@southwark.gov.uk, and Charlie.Smith@southwark.gov.uk.

This article first appeared in the September 2018 issue of SE22 magazine.