15 years ago we moved into East Dulwich and 15 years ago The Palmerston opened its doors. Jamie and Rema were some of our first friends in the neighbourhood and the most gracious, caring family you could meet.

The Palmerston is not just a pub, it’s a special place in the community, a little like ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows everyone’s name. The British pub is a place where people feel safe and warm (especially next to their roaring fire) and The Palmie is like an extension of people’s living room and personifies the tradition of the ‘Local’.

The fact that the greedy Enterprise Inn’s group is ripping the pub back from under the feet of Jamie and Rema, is an utter disgrace. Enterprise Inn’s are saying publicly that they are ‘only taking back failing pubs to manage themselves’, well, it is clearly NOT the case here. Enterprise Inns who own the lease (Jamie and Rema own the actual freehold) are simply saying they cannot operate their own building anymore, they see the success of the pub and are clearly jealous and think that they can run it better and profit themselves. Who wants Hofmeister lager and frozen food served by people with no care or love who will simply be employees or a massive chain of pubs?

The reason I am writing this so passionately is simply that I care, and many other people locally care, we must all do EVERYTHING we can to stop Enterprise Inn’s taking the pub, taking the soul out of the place and taking the living away from Jamie and Rema.

We all live here, we all have different careers and talents, I please ask no matter what you do please help to stop this.

If you work in media, shout about it, in Law, shout about it, if you work in the Pub/Restaurant trade shout about it and together we must stop this evil greedy company ripping a gigantic hole in our local community!!

Yours Frustrated,


Steve Guest
Guesty PR London

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