Just over three weeks ago East Dulwich resident, Victoria Rennison decided to do something to support the local businesses.  The Save East Dulwich raffle soon took off and £10,000 has been raised.

We caught up with Victoria after all her hard work!

Wow! Where to start? East Dulwich has more than lived up to expectations. As I said before, the reason I moved here was because in the madness of London, East Dulwich boasted a real sense of community spirit that I’ve rarely see elsewhere in the city. The raffle has really shown me that this spirit is still at the heart of East Dulwich. When I pitched the idea to by husband and suggested setting the ticket limit to 10,000, he actually laughed out loud at me…. absolutely pie in the sky! But as the tickets started to sell, I realised that even I had underestimated this wonderful place. Fast forward 18 days from an idea I had on my daily walk in the park and all 10,000 tickets had sold out! Not only that but it inspired a raffle in SE23, SE4 and other neighbouring regions which is fantastic. I struggle enormously with self confidence, but the raffle has given me a real boost and made me realise that if you back yourself and decide to run with an idea, people might just respond to it and can be amazingly encouraging and it can end up making a difference to a lot of people.

I’m incredibly proud of what a community can do in such a difficult time and I hope I and others can do even more in future to bring out the best of East Dulwich. The list of businesses we’ve supported is below.

I can’t thank Victoria Rennison enough for the organisational feat of putting together the Save East Dulwich so swiftly and helping out so many local businesses including the SE22 Piano School. We are very much looking forward to meeting all the raffle winners as soon as we can re-open our premises just off Lordship Lane.

Lorraine, SE22 Piano School

We’re so grateful to Victoria for all her hard work on the raffle, it’s incredible that she managed to organise it so quickly and so effectively. The level of support for local businesses is really heartening and encouraging at this very tricky time. Thank you to everyone involved!

Miranda Peake, Chener Books

Angelina Jandolo Dance
Blackbird Bakery
Botany London
Bottle Cave
The Chair Sanctuary
Cheese Block
Chener Books
Dulwich Hamlet
Dulwich Supporters Trust
East Dulwich Flowers
East Dulwich Tavern
Emma Robyn Nails
F45 Peckham
Fabulous Ice Fires
Fashion Conscience
Franklins Farm Shop
Franklins Restaurant
GMs Hair
The Great Exhibition
HB Therapy
High Vibe
House of Tippler
Jessica Kendrew
Lane8 Coffee
The Lordship
Louise Ward Fine Art
Mac & Miller
Me on the Map
Mockingbird Makes
Mrs Feelgoods
Olivia Rawes
Oru Space
Powder Cosmetics
Punk Me Up Ceramics
Rigby & Mac
SE Cakery
SE22 Piano
Sophie In The Garden
William Rose
Yama Momo