After the amazing success of her first raffle to support the local businesses in East Dulwich, Victoria Rennison from is doing it all again!

“After the amazing (and unexpected) success of the first raffle, with all 10,000 tickets selling before the Easter Day deadline and being able to support 50 wonderful businesses, I had a week of relaxing a little and letting it all settle down but couldn’t help think there might be appetite for another round. And it was so heartwarming to hear so many lovely comments and feedback on how people would love to buy more tickets and get involved again, so I thought I just had to give it another go! 

This time we’ve added a twist – some prizes are big and beautiful, some prizes are small and beautiful but all prizes are a real representation of what East Dulwich has to offer. And for all the headaches and late nights that come with it, if we can raise more money for our local economy and make even more of a difference, it’ll all be worth it!”


So if you missed out first time, or if you are feeling generous and can buy some more tickets, please buy your tickets via this link.  Please spread the word!

You can follow Save East Dulwich on Instagram @saveeastdulwich,, Twitter @DulwichSave and use the hashtag #saveeastdulwich.