Riaz_image Sept 2015

Two artists in their 50s living in East Dulwich are going to have an exhibition in March 2016 at the Avent gallery.

Riaz has lived in East Dulwich for 5-years and his work fuses Iranian artistic heritage with London today. Meanwhile, David, who originally trained as a teacher and has lived in East Dulwich for 30-years, produces figurative work, full-colour oil paintings, people and objects.

They’re perfect examples of the best of cultural fusion, and multicultural mix that can work today whatever else is falling apart elsewhere in the world. There is mutual respect and cooperation in harmony.

“We’re very different, but great friends. Each of us respects and admires the other’s artwork – they require completely different skills. We cover a lot of bases between us.”

Avent Gallery, North Cross Road from 2 – 16 March 2016