Parent Gym Group 

Parent Gym, a philanthropic initiative which provides free parenting support for families in areas of multiple deprivation, is looking for parents with great people skills who are interested in training as volunteer coaches in South East London.

Parent Gym was set up in 2010 and their coaches have helped more than 4,000 parents to develop the skills and confidence to help their families flourish. Independent evaluation shows that parents who attend the workshops leave better able to tackle the challenges of raising young children.

In order to meet growing local demand, Parent Gym is looking for more parents to join its team of dedicated volunteers. They are holding try-outs on 9th, 12th, and 13th of May which is a chance to find out more about the organisation and the programme they run. Successful applicants will then be invited to a three day Academy 20-22 of June. For more information visit the Parent Gym website or email

Geethika Jayatilaka, Director of Parent Gym said: “Good parenting has an enormous impact on the life chances of children – on their social confidence, emotional well-being and academic achievement. Parent Gym provides lots of useful ideas to help family life run more smoothly and children flourish.

“Volunteer Parent Gym coaches also need to have good people skills to engage parents from a wide range of backgrounds and bring the material to life. In return we offer world-class training, plenty of on-going support and the satisfaction of seeing families flourish. Becoming a Parent Gym coach can also be a useful stepping stone back into the workplace or provide useful experience for those thinking of a career in teaching or coaching.”