Mums against plastic baby-wipes is a local group of mums who are protesting against plastic baby-wipes. They meet every week at Aneto café to embroider messages onto wipes*. These are sent to politicians asking for wet wipes to be considered as a single use plastic as they are made from polyester. They have embroidered them into a beautiful quilt which they take on marches.

  • 1 in 3 wipes get flushed down the toilet
  • 93% of fatbergs are wipes
  • 200 years to biodegrade
  • 300% increase of wipes found in rivers and seas in the last 10 years

The craftivist group was started by art activist Kath Lovett ( who used wet wipes for 6 years on her two children before realising they were made from polyester. Like most parents she was worried about the future of the planet for her children. She has also made a series of garments from wipes. This is a gentle form of activism based on community building and support for parents.

If you are interested in knowing more about this community craftivist group please get in touch with Kath at or 07845 274126.

*Off-cuts from a wet-wipe factory, no actual wipes were purchased. 

Wet wipe craftivist group

Most Friday’s 9.30am-11.30am.
All resources provided and no need for any skills, just a desire to stitch for the environment!

Aneto Café, 60 East Dulwich Road, East Dulwich SE22