Mum Before Me

Jeannie Avent Gallery

14 North Cross Road, SE22 9EU

8-13 March 2018


Who was your mum before you were born? This is the question that has inspired an exhibition – Mum Before Me – at Jeannie Avent Gallery in which eighteen artists explore the lives of the women who became their mothers.

The exhibition opens on International Women’s Day, Thursday 8th March, and on the following Sunday, 11 March at 3pm, there is a celebration at the gallery of Mother’s Day with performances by the Rye Poets, other voices and Caroline Gregory. Everyone is welcome.

There will be a special drawing by Gill Day on the gallery’s windows.

Participating artists, each with a unique story to tell visually and in text, are:

Helen Adie, Julie Bennett, Jackie Brown, Joan Byrne, Gill Day, Lulu Ditzel, Gin Dunscombe, Edori Fertig, Rebecca Fortnum, Tracey Francis, Pia Goddard, Caroline Gregory, Liz Honeybone, Helen Ireland, Leona Mitchell, Jacqueline Utley, Cynthia Wild, Caroline Wright.