Calling all children in Dulwich and Herne Hill! We need creative thinkers, problem solvers and inquisitive minds to become coders of the future!

Who knew you could code a nursery rhyme? Well, you can, from as young as age 3! is an award-winning parent-powered coding school, offering a totally fresh and creative approach to teaching children the vital 21st century skill of computer coding. They have term time and holiday options in Herne Hill and the surrounding area. believes in teaching coding as a language, through storytelling, rhyme and song, putting fun and creativity at the heart of a skill that many grown-ups think of as dry and even baffling. specialist tutors teach children at the age they are most receptive to learning language patterns – under 8 – and are often amazed by the swift progress even tiny tots can make at our code clubs and holiday workshops.

“Four-year-olds can be impeccably logical,” explains co-founder and CEO Liane Katz. “They are natural coders and make very fast progress with us.”

“Crucially, by learning from a very young age that people are in charge of screens and not vice versa, we help them to foster healthier relationships with technology as they grow up.”

The company is on a mission to start all young children on their coding journey – and to empower and inspire the teachers and parents around them to ‘fall in love with coding’ by showing how creative and simple it can be. From gingerbread men to space adventures and Knock Knock jokes, children following bespoke courses can learn fundamental computing concepts, while creating imagination-fuelled animations about subjects they love.

Coding is increasingly considered a key form of 21st century literacy, and is now a compulsory subject in English schools from age 5, because it is important that every child is digitally literate in order to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. As well as after-school & weekend code clubs, holiday camps and home tutoring, offers curriculum packs and training to schools and nurseries. A month’s free trial is available and they can run assemblies and workshops for schools. realise that a lot of the adults who support children with their learning, be they parents, teachers or carers, have never coded in their lives and so they make it super easy for adults to support kids as they learn and also run parent sessions.

To find out more about your local creative classes and their popular half term workshops visit the website or contact Bookings are now open for October.