Lucy Sparkles Class Photos

Local business owner, Lucy Milan Davis, has been chosen to represent “small business heroes” in a national online and radio ad campaign.

LBC Radio, in partnership with the New Lloyds Bank Business Current Account, is showcasing “small business heroes” and the struggles and triumphs that come with owning your own business. Lucy’s company, Lucy Sparkles & Friends, has been chosen as an example of a small business that has made the transition from word of mouth marketing to creating an impressive online presence and flourished as a result.

A short and inspiring film about Lucy is live now on the LBC Radio website.  The film’s producer, Cheyne McCorkindale, said Lucy was chosen to be featured because, “Lucy Sparkles & Friends is a strong representation of what is possible when you follow your dreams and gives great insight into the increased complexities of running a successful business”.

In the film, Lucy is shown teaching music at Ecole Cadet Rousselle, a French nursery based in Herne Hill. The nursery staff said, “Our pupils are so captivated by Lucy Sparkles’ sessions that everyday they ask, “is it Lucy Sparkles day today?” Lucy provides brilliant sessions and our pupils and teachers are delighted at the end of each class!”

A radio interview with Lucy aired on Shelagh Fogarty’s LBC show as a part of the campaign on March 15th.

Running your own business can be stressful. Whether you are starting up and facing the daunting prospect of turning your dream into reality, or looking to grow your business.  The ad campaign aims to shine a spotlight on small businesses by bringing you a series of interviews with business owners to help you better understand your business.