Curious Kat’s Adventure Club, Penge based Travel and Events Company has been selected as a finalist of the FSB London Business Awards in the category: Best New Business; and its owner, Kat Wczesniak, a Polish female Entrepreneur became a finalist in the category: Entrepreneur of the year.

The FSB Business awards represent the highest accolade of achievement for small businesses in London, and highlight the winners’ determination, hard work, and enterprise in business. They have been awarded annually to the best businesses in London, and are deemed by the FSB to be a testament to entrepreneurial excellence. Last year there were 950 entries, out of which 46 best Businesses have been selected.

Curious Kat’s Adventure Club (www.katsadventures.com, www.facebook.com/CuriousKatsAdventureClub) is a travel and events company. The core of their business is hosted travel. Their unique approach is to focus on creating and nurturing a community, and this is what differentiates them from their competitors. Rather than simply just selling trips to members, they aim to create and organise unforgettable experiences, which also lead to long-lasting friendship, and happiness.

Another unique feature of the business is that in addition to the trips, they offer smaller events around London; allowing members to meet on a more regular basis, and providing an opportunity to keep in touch with friends made on the trips.

Kat Wczesniak, the owner of the company is proud to have been named one of the five best entrepreneurs of 2015. She loves how ‘running a small business allows me to create and shape the reality around me. It means that I can use my best skills and contribute to the local community with something truly special. It allows me to create happiness and joy for others and live my life the way I have always dreamt of. It also means that I can constantly challenge my customers and come up with the new ideas.’