Hi I’m Yeliz. My first experience of East Dulwich was when I joined Therapy as a work experience girl. My journey at Therapy grew almost every year, from salon assistant to now the owner for the past year!

How long have you lived in the area?

I live in Peckham, however for the past 12 years I’ve worked in East Dulwich on Melbourne Grove, so this feels like home to me. I spend more time in Dulwich than Peckham and it’s not so far, which is always handy. I spend most of my time here!

What brought you here?

My work placement when I was 14 brought me to the purple shop tucked away from the high street. I like to call it the hidden gem, Therapy on Melbourne Grove, and since then I haven’t gone anywhere else and I believe I don’t have any plans to move anywhere any time soon.

What has changed most during that time?

Quite a lot has changed since I’ve been in this area, there are a lot of new developments, we’ve got a Marks & Spencer on Lordship Lane and another coming to Grove Vale. A lot of shops have changed over the years on the lane and more schools are now getting built in the area like the Charter School on Melbourne Grove. All good changes…

What do you most value about the area/street you live in?

The community in the area East Dulwich is such a nice community area that I value a lot of different things to do and the majority of the people who live in the area are very friendly, having a community area is lovely.

What’s your favourite place for a night out?

Locally, I would definitely say House of Tippler on Lordship Lane. I’m there nearly every other weekend. It’s a nice little cozy place. Whether you want to go for a quick drink (which tends to never be the case!) or to make a night out of it, I highly recommend House of Tippler. The staff are very friendly and a good selection of different music.

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?

On a Saturday you will definitely find me in the salon (Therapy) till 6pm, as it’s one of our busiest days. After a very busy day the evening depends on my mood and plans.

What is your favourite place to eat?

My favorite place to eat on Lordship Lane is Hisar Restaurant; it’s lovely in there. I enjoy trying new places but often I tend to go to Hisar and also love a cheeky GBK with my girls.

Coffee or tea? Where?

Oh, definitely a large cappuccino, no chocolate on top, from La Scala. They make the best coffee! It’s nearly our everyday routine at the salon to stop by at La Scala before we start our day.

What’s your favorite place to go for a drink?

Again, my first choice will to be House of Tippler, if not the Bishop or The Palmerston.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?

The gym! It is the place I like to have fun in. I couldn’t go for more than a week before I find myself itching to go! I used to train at Dulwich Hamlet’s gym but now I go to Pure Gym because their timings – it’s open 24 hours a day. After finishing work at 9pm it is hard to find any gyms local that’s still open, so I take a trip with my gym partner to Greenwich.

When I want to relax…

I book an appointment for a massage or facial in the salon, and I get told by my girls to put the phone or any other distraction down and to relax. I have to say my Therapy Team have MAGIC hands which always relax me. I am a very fussy and find it hard to relax as a client but within 15 minutes into my treatment I’m zzzzz…