I’m Toni Horton and I live in SE21 with my husband and two cats.

I am a Life Coach and I work with my clients to help them make positive changes that move them forward into the life, career or relationship that they wish for.

What brought you here?

I was born in Camberwell and grew up in Streatham. I knew the Dulwich area through visits to family and friends and first visited the Dog (Crown and Greyhound) when I was two weeks old. I moved to Dulwich in 1987 and I’ve been here ever since.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?

If I can only have one thing then it would be the Rumsey Pharmacy and Post Office. The staff are so lovely and always go the extra mile to help everybody.

Do you know your neighbours?

Yes I do – I have fantastic neighbours. It’s the first place I have lived where everybody on the road knows each other and we look out for one another. I love our road, it’s a great place to live, we go for dinner and drinks and have the occasional street party.

Do you belong to any groups?

I’ve recently joined the Cooking with Scissors networking group. It can be isolating working for yourself so it’s great to meet a bunch of local business people. I also go to Pilates in Dulwich classes run by the amazing Sandie Ennis.

Describe your perfect weekend…

My perfect weekend would be a mix of reading the papers, having my hair and nails done at Steel Hair, bit of walking, bit of shopping, a pub lunch, an exhibition and then maybe dinner with friends.

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?

Buying a loaf of Peckham Rye at The Brickhouse and after that you might find me enjoying one of the activities above.

What is your favourite place to eat?

If I go into town one of my favourites is J Sheekey, but one of my new favourite places locally is Banh Banh in Peckham Rye. Even more locally is my friend Susie Pajares house. She is a great Chef and sitting at her kitchen table is always a treat.

The best meal I’ve ever had…

Was probably at The Sportsman in Whitstable. The food is amazing, the staff are lovely and it’s always a great experience. They win lots of awards and this has made it even more difficult to get a table. You have to book about 6 months in advance but believe me, it’s worth the planning.

When I want to relax…

I book a massage with Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty followed by an afternoon in front of the TV catching up. Then maybe a quick doze. Oh, and probably chocolate when I’m watching the TV.

If money was no object…

That would make all kinds of things possible but I would definitely still be a Life Coach – I love my job!

The book I’m reading at the moment…

Just Kids by Patti Smith. I started it years ago and have no idea why I didn’t finish it. It is Patti’s early memoirs and covers her life with Robert Mapplethorpe in New York in the 60’s and 70’s. I think her writing is truly beautiful.

My perfect holiday…

If I’m going on holiday I like to have a mix of relaxation, sightseeing and shopping. So for this I love the States, in particular California and New York. Closer to home I love going to Corfu. I also went to the Amalfi Coast a few years ago for a weekend and can’t wait to go back there one day.