Sarah-Jane Mundow grew up in Ireland and is a partner at William Bailey Solicitors, a small, local private client practice specialising in Wills, Probate and Conveyancing. Having been established on Lordship Lane for more than 25 years, William Bailey Solicitors have recently moved to new premises by Goose Green on East Dulwich Road.

How long have you lived in the area?

My dad’s work first brought us to Barry Road in 1994, but I moved here permanently in 2004 to study at the College of Law. I have moved a couple of times since then, but never left SE22. My husband used to float the idea that we could live in other parts of London, but fortunately it never came to that – I love it here!

What do you most value about the area / street you live in? 

Having grown up in a small Irish town, the friendly faces and community atmosphere around East Dulwich are fantastic and a far cry from how many people assume London would be. The great range of green spaces, shops, bars and restaurants obviously helps too.

Do you belong to any groups?

I’ve been going to Cooking With Scissors for a few years now. It is a fantastic support network of small local businesses from totally disparate professions. Outside of work, I still like to twinkle my toes at my Ladies’ Ballet class run by Fiona Forester for a bit of escapism (whilst dreaming of a starring role at the Coliseum).


Where are you likely to be found on a Saturday?

The majority of my life outside of home and work is spent in Peckham Rye Park with Arthur, my 3-year old son. Closely followed by Just Williams and Odonno’s!

The best meal I’ve ever had…

My husband’s Steak & Guinness pie is pretty infamous in our house.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

A tough call between the Peckham Refreshment Rooms and Artusi. I’m afraid SE15 pips SE22 on the restaurant front just now. That said, Franklin’s and The Palmerston are also great… and The Thai Corner café… I guess SE22 holds its own!

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink?

For a date night / drinks with friends, probably The Nines – their cocktails are fantastic (if a little dangerous for a school night!). For a cosy and relaxed glass of red with the family, I do love Watsons General Telegraph. Especially in the winter months.

What is your favourite shop?

Rye Books. I could spend hours in there and they run some great events for little ones and grown-ups alike.

Coffee or Tea? Where?

I have only started to drink coffee in the last year but I can’t seem to pass Jade without stopping in there now.

If money was no object?

I love my home, but I would love to live in one of those gorgeous old townhouses overlooking Peckham Rye Park – that view and all that space, and a huge garden to boot?! And if money is really no object, I’ll take the same again each side – one for my best pal and the other for my mum and dad!

Perfect holiday…

Sunshine and luxury. Between running a business and raising a 3-yr old it’s pretty much all I dream about at the moment!

This article first appeared in the December 2016 issue of SE22 magazine.