South London based photographer Brock Elbank specialises in commissioned portraiture, with his last series #Project60 and Beard showing at Somerset House London, to assist in raising awareness for melanoma charity Beard Season.

How long have you lived in the area?
3 months and 1 day!!

What brought you here?
Good local schools, good local parks and a vibrant selection of shops, restaurants etc.

What has changed most during that time?
Very little, simply the seasons..

What do you most value about the area/street you live in?
Since we’ve moved in, we sense there is a great a community spirit, we live in a friendly street and the school, pupils and parents are fantastic.

What one thing would you change?
People would drive slower, but thats London..

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do without?
Probably the East London Line station, having that so near to where we lived was a draw card for sure. Also having the shops so nearby, after 2 years in rural Warwickshire is a big help.

Do you know your neighbours?
By name yes, I think there is a different dynamic to how London works to a small village. People are civil, they say “Good morning” and will take deliveries if you’re not in. But when you’ve two young daughters, you tend to meet their parents more openly sometimes..

The most famous person you’ve seen or met?
Going to gigs you see many famous folk, as a photographer, being an assistant I met many famous people and have been lucky to photograph a fair few.. Most famous that I’ve shot, probably Sir John Hurt?

Do you belong to any groups?
Since a bad knee injury no.. I use to belong to football and karate clubs pre injury.

Describe your perfect weekend
Catching up with close friends, lunch, maybe a trip for food at a good pub, markets, a gallery, out with the kids.

What’s your favourite place for a night out?
I rarely get out at night these days with two young kids, maybe ask my wife she’s up on those things…

Where are you likely to be found on Saturday?
Depends on what time of the day it is really, mornings will be parks or markets, lunchtime could be at friends, or maybe a pub, evenings generally at home with the family, or entertaining?

What is your favourite place to eat?
We’re still trying out places in the area, honestly though we love to cook and entertain.

Coffee or tea? Where?
Monmouth, Monmouth Street Covent Garden. Coffee

The best meal I’ve ever had…
This is a tough one.. As a child, my Uncle Ivor used to buy the most incredible joints of fillet steak, seriously I’ve never tasted better. Until my wife Sarah took me out on my 38th birthday in Leichhardt (Inner West Sydney) to an unassuming restaurant that had a couple of hats. It was superb, from start to finish, even though I was on crutches at the time.. Sadly I can’t remember the name of it and it’s since moved?

Cafe, pub or bar?
Pub, I love The Crown in Angel Islington, just off Cloudsley Sq, had some good times in there. It’s a proper English Victorian pub, cosy, good food and warm atmosphere.

What’s your favourite place to go for a drink?
Read last answer.

The best kept secret…
I’m afraid I don’t have any secrets.

Where’s your favourite place to walk?
When I lived in Sydney, I use to run the ‘Bayrun’ with my trusty Staffy Monty, then walking over the fields in rural South Warwickshire was always a good time to recharge and witch off. Now we’ve moved here I’m still looking and learning about the area, though around One Tree Hill and the parks isn’t a bad start.

When I want to relax…
I love my work, so when I’m in post production I’m generally relaxed, walking the dog, watching a good Thriller, or enjoying time with good friends.

What is your favourite shop?
Carhartt, Belstaff, Levis, then there’s a fantastic shoe shop behind Selfridges, where I’ve bought my brogues for nearly twenty years and I don’t know the name of it, awful really…

What was the last thing you bought there?
My kids will tell you that I always dress the same, I have three outfits/looks and I simply have multiples of those. Once my eldest asked if ‘we were poor?’ because I always had the same clothes on.. My last purchase was simple black and white tees from Carhartt.