Special Events

Horniman Carnival! – Sunday 4 September, 12 – 5.30pm

Celebrate the end of our Festival of Brasil summer season with an afternoon of carnival parades, concerts, pop-up performances, Brazilian music, workshops and food. In association with Gandaia Arts. Free. 

Library Open Day – Sunday 4 September

10.30am – 5.30pm. Browse our library collections, chat to the librarian and see some of the library treasures. Free, drop in.

Open House London: Behind the Scenes Tours of the Horniman Library – Saturday 17 September

2 – 2.45pm and 3 – 3.45pm. Learn more about the Horniman Library on a guided tour of the Horniman’s CUE building. The green-roofed CUE building (Centre for Understanding the Environment) was opened in 1996 and designed to act as a conceptual and symbolic link between the Museum’s object collections and the living world of the Horniman Gardens. These tours offer visitors the chance to learn more about the building itself and the changes it has undergone in the last 20 years, as well as the history of the library collection. This event is part of Open House London 2016. Free.


Avian Forms – until Sunday 9 October

Artist Jane Edden is fascinated by the relationship between nature and culture, and the human desire to collect and categorise. In this small display, Edden explores the ways in which animals are collected and studied, drawing inspiration from the science of comparative anatomy and the folklore and myths involving winged flying humans that appear across cultures, to create beautiful and intriguing works that inhabit a space between avian and human. Free.

Dinosaurs: Monster Families – until Sunday 30 October

Discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs and their young in this family-focused interactive exhibition. Dinosaurs: Monster Families shows how dinosaurs looked after their eggs, nests and babies. Meet ‘Baby Louie’, a cast of the nearly-complete skeleton of a dinosaur hatchling; dig in the discovery pit; touch a real dinosaur leg bone and come face-to-face with T-Rex’s relative – a life-size Tarbosaurus skeleton cast. Have fun at the interactive exploration stations, and enjoy an exciting programme of dinosaur-themed events and activities to complement the exhibition.

Alongside bird and crocodile specimens from the Horniman’s collection, visitors can also see a cast of an extinct Elephant Bird egg, one of which was famously found by Horniman patron Sir David Attenborough in Madagascar in 1960.

Ticket prices: Child £4.40; Adult £7.70: Family (2 adults, 2 children) £18.70. Prices include 10% voluntary Gift Aid donation. See for more information. Horniman Members enjoy free, unlimited visits to the exhibition.

Prehistoric Garden

Look back in time through the Prehistoric Garden, featuring ‘living fossils’ – plant and tree species which date back to the time of the dinosaurs. A redwood and a yew tree tower above tree ferns, cycads and ginkgos and even an amazing Wollemi pine, thought to be extinct until 1994. The garden, at the highest point of the Horniman estate, is also home to a velociraptor sculpture, keeping a prehistoric watchful eye on the modern London skyline.

The Prehistoric Garden was funded through Tesco’s Bags of Help campaign, and voted for by Tesco shoppers in the London Borough of Lewisham. Free.

Please go to for information on our regular events and activities including the Horniman Farmers’ Market, Horniman Explorers, Art Makers, Discovery for All and Busy Bees.