‘Artists Impressions World Gallery aisle, Planning and design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates’

World Gallery
Opens 29 June

The World Gallery is a new permanent gallery which celebrates human creativity, imagination and adaptability, displaying over 3,000 extraordinary objects from the Horniman’s internationally important anthropology collection.

Presented as a series of encounters with cultures from across the continents, the gallery gives visitors a glimpse into other ways of understanding the world. The displays include a beautiful camel saddle from North Africa, Chinese paper offerings, the prow of a Libyan refugee boat, a Native American tomahawk and a sword made of sharks’ teeth from Kiribati in the Central Pacific. These are complemented by new acquisitions and commissions, as well as sections on different ways of categorising objects and on the history of the Museum.

The opening of the World Gallery is the culmination of a five-year project that has also involved the transformation of the gallery space to re-introduce daylight and capture the spirit of the original museum building.


Yamal: The Stream of Life
Opens Friday 29 June
Photographer Bryan Alexander has spent the last 25 years documenting the lives and culture of people living in the Yamal region of Northwest Siberia. This display of his work in the World Gallery reveals aspects of traditional life, and how it has been affected by social, cultural and environmental changes taking place.


Grasslands Garden
Open from Friday 29 June
Wander through wild landscapes in the new Grasslands Garden, featuring spectacular plants from North American prairie and South African grasslands. Celebrating critically threatened wild landscapes, the garden has species flowering across the summer months, from pasqueflower to prairie dock and goldenrods to wild gladiolus.

The naturalistic planting scheme was devised by Olympic Park designer James Hitchmough, and the Grasslands Garden is linked to the Horniman’s new World Gallery of anthropology, opening on 29 June 2018.


Coral: Fabric of the Reef
Until Sunday 9 September 2018
Inspired by the Museum’s Aquarium and Natural History collection, artist Karen Dodd uses woollen fabric – dyed and sculpted, and intricately bound and stitched – to draw attention to coral and coral reefs, simultaneously celebrating their beauty and raising awareness of their vulnerability in the face of increasing environmental change.


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