In the mid summer heat, flowers can wilt and die quickly. Try this vibrant citrus centrepiece; it will last for days, even if the temperatures soar…

You will need….

  • A selection of citrus fruit. I used Lemons, limes, small oranges, kumquats and physalis.
  • An oasis wreath
  • Greenery, I used Bay leaves
  • Toothpicks
  • A kitchen knife and secateurs
  • Ribbon- optional

Step 1
Cut your greenery into aprox 4-inch sprigs

Step 2
Working around your wreath; place the sprigs into the oasis to make an even base.

Step 3
Using your toothpicks place the fruit decoratively into the base


Step 4
Cut 2 of the lemons into slices and wedges, and place in your wreath.


Step 5
Optional – I added ribbon for a more festive look – perfect for a party!

Pour yourself a chilled glass of Vino Verde and admire your heat resilient masterpiece!