You will need:

  • A wet oasis wreath base, I used 14inch
  • Greenery of your choice, I picked mine from the garden
  • Flowers of your choice, I used crystamums
  • Munchkins and/or miniature guards
  • Cocktail sticks, secateurs and a chopping board

Step 1

Prepare your oasis wreath by soaking it in cold water.

Step 2

Place the damp base on a chopping board, to avoid staining any surfaces.

Step 3 

Cut your foliage into 4/6inch piece, using your secateurs.

Step 4

Place them into the oasis, working in a clockwise direction to make an even base

Step 5

Add your munchkins using the cocktail sticks

Step 6

Finish your creation by adding flowers.

You can now enjoy the warm glow of autumn in the comfort of your own home!

This article first appeared in the October 2018 issue of SE22 magazine.