Spring is all about awakening your senses after the grey days, and bleak nights.

A herb wreath is a delightful alternative to Spring flowers. It is fragrant and affordable, once dried the herbs can be used for adding flavour to your cooking.

You will need:

  • A wet oasis base – I bought mine on Amazon
  • A pair of secateurs or sharp scissors
  • A selection of herbs…I used Bay from my garden, and bought Rosemary and thyme from my local supermarket.
  • A round tray, dinner plate or charger
  • Candles – optional


Step 1 – Submerge your base in water. This will keep your arrangement fresh for much longer

Step 2 – cut your herbs into workable pieces – approximately 4-5 inches long

Step 3 – Work your way around the base sticking your herb sprigs firmly into the oasis. base Layer the herbs for texture and depth of colour.


Step 4 – Place your wreath onto your tray, wooden board, plate or charger to avoid making your surface.

Step 5 – add your candles to the middle and light .

Place in your kitchen or dining room.

Step back and admire your work.