Amit from SMBS Foods

Times are strange and new to us all, we’ve all had to adapt one way or another. As a photographer I’ve found myself without work but an urge to document the changes around me. I took to wandering the locale and felt that shopkeepers that have been able to adapt and stay open to customers as essential providers deserve some special recognition.

This is a gallery of some (by no means all) of the people who have worked so hard to keep Dulwich supplied, fed, refilled and treated during the lockdown. Thanks to you all, you are my highstreet heroes! Here’s hoping that the ones that are closed will be able to reopen soon and we can have the vibrancy back in our wonderful community.

I’m continuing to document local life, with portraits of other heroes such as bus drivers and street cleaners, postal and delivery staff and am about to embark on a series of what I’m calling “Pandemic Portraits” of families in lockdown… get in touch if you’d like to photographed!



This article first appeared in the June issue of SE22.  Please see the July issue for the second in this series of High Street Heroes.