Herne Hill’s long, dark and grotty underpass between Station Square and Milkwood Road is set to be transformed on 12th September with the world’s most contributions to a colour by numbers painting.  Around 1,500 local primary kids from Herne Hill have agreed to help beat the Guinness World Record for the most contributions to a colour by numbers painting, and are aiming to complete this mammoth task on a single day. Read more here.

The record we were aiming to beat previously stood at 454. Not a doddle, but a doable for sure! But just last weekend a new record was set – 1116 participants. Yikes!  So this is a big old call to arms for people to get involved.

How to get involved

If you’re a pupil at St Jude’s, Michael Tippett, Herne Hill, Judith Kerr, Jessop, Rosendale, Turney or St Saviour’s schools, chances are you will already be booked to come and colour in with us. Participating pupils will be coming to colour in during school hours on the 12th and 13th September, and schools will be sending information out first thing next term with full details.

But in addition to our local school children, WE URGENTLY NEED THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO COME AND HELP US FINISH THE MURAL to be in with a chance of a World Record, and to help Herne Hill’s children make history.

Timings and registration:

We are asking the general public to help us finish the mural, between 4-8pm on Wednesday 12th September.  Hop off the train en route home and come and colour in! We’ll have a fast-moving process in place so it will be a quick detour to make a big moment happen. And will also give you the chance to have a nosy about in the amazing space upstairs above the station – our studio base for the project.

Please register your place in advance for this epic undertaking here. We need to capture participants’ details to submit to the Guinness Book of Records (in confidence). Registration in advance will make this much quicker and simpler. (Fret not if you’s forgot – come along anyway and we’ll get out our trusty biro and clipboard).

Why is this a mission?

Local children will only be able to achieve so much during a school day, and we have strict World Record rules to meet – any participant who does not complete their section, or who colours outside of the lines of their section will be disqualified; and if more than 10% of our participants are disqualified, the whole record attempt will be too. So we need all hands on deck for an evening shift of adults, and children accompanied by adults, to help us complete all sections of the mural, build up our number of participants, and help Herne Hill’s children grab the world record.