GX Gallery is proud to present 2 exhibitions this autumn.

Bohemian Crystal Sculpture Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: 29 August – 13 October 2017

Bohemian Crystal, an exhibition of glass sculpture by internationally acclaimed Czech Republic artists Vlastimil Beránek, Jaroslav Prošek and Michaela Smrček.

The Czech republic has a very long tradition of making the finest crystal and quite rightly stands today as an international leader. Globally recognised for its high quality craftsmanship, beauty and innovative design. Bohemia boasts numerous internationally renowned glass studios and art schools who use techniques and manufacture steeped in the centuries old tradition, while still honouring ancient Bohemian art and its cultural heritage.

Vlastimil Beránek works with molten glass to create large, undulating sculptures that command the attention of any space in which they are installed. The extreme size of his works pushes the limit of glass sculpting technology and he has earned the accolade of creating the world’s largest sculpture from a single piece of glass.

Jaroslav Prošek’s creation of complex structures from a variety of different materials has put him at the forefront of the contemporary art and design scene in both the Czech Republic and internationally.

Michaela Smrček glass sculptures are inspired by nature and are unique works created by melting glass into moulds. More recently her sculptures have reflected her relationship and opinions within contemporary society: life, relationships, attitudes, religion and a universal approach to humanity.

Katya Levental – After Party
Exhibition Dates: 29 August – 13 October 2017

GX Gallery is proud to present After Party, a new collection of paintings by acclaimed artist Katya Levental.

Levental is a fourth-generation artist in a family dynasty of famous Russian artists. Her paintings of vintage costumes and fabrics’ act as a self – portrait of the artist and a powerful reminder of a past life lived.

‘…Even after we have discarded possessions, thrown them away, placed them away, they tell a story of something that happened to us, something we have been through, something we subliminally reach for in life… Driven by the need to create a connection between myself, the past, and present I attempt memorialise chosen articles in order to leave a source from which the viewer can draw a personal association.’

Katya focuses on representing her own multicultural assimilation while honouring and keeping to her traditional artistic heritage, playing with contemporary and classical subject matter. ‘The time it takes to obtain, study, and paint these artifacts is a crucial experience to my creative process.’

She is most connected with art when it displays the boundaries of established formalistic principles and is also imbued with cultural subject matter.

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