Sadly, our 15 year old cat Gordon died on Friday 8th March after being hit by a car on the evening while out patrolling. The thoughtfulness of the local community, who found him and contacted the RSPCA, spared him any undue suffering by comforting him and keeping him warm until they arrived. We were contacted by the RSPCA two hours after he was found as he was microchipped. We were able to say goodbye to him and this gave us some comfort.

I would advocate all pet owners to have their pets micro-chipped for peace of mind. It is the not knowing what happened to a pet that is soul destroying.

Gordon was the runt of a litter of kittens born across the road from us in Landells Road. His father was aggressive and tried to end his life only succeeding in nipping his tail and leaving it with a white tip. He had a characteristic black mark on his chin, said to be inherited from his father. He was spayed but loved nothing more than patrolling the streets surrounding Landells Road and sightings reached as far as the end of Crystal Palace Road, near the Leisure Centre.

He developed a melanoma in his right eye when he was 13-years old and had the eye removed. This did not stop him from going out and he spent many hours in the summer lying across the pavement enjoying the attention of local families.

We will miss Gordon very much. He was a character and loved life to the full and is now patrolling the streets of heaven. God bless.

Joanne Willcox