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Future Drape is a mixed media exhibition shining a light on Sari. The project includes the most contemporary sari design and imagery of today, and the most up-to-date ways in which to drape and style sari. Also featured are ‘How to Drape Films’ and independent films from Border&Fall’s ‘The Sari Series: An Anthology of Drape’, while the Future Drape Installation focuses on the fashion-orientated curation of sari and drape.

Future Drape is the result of a journey into connection, identity and expression focusing on a single item: the Sari to navigate the path from past, present to future. With a focus on fashion, imagery and styling, they explore how sari is depicted in fashion magazines through photography; they will show a variety of drapes with an installation from Border&Fall’s ‘The Sari Series: An Anthology of Drape’ and screen three independent films commissioned by The Sari Series initiative.

Future Drape Installation

8 saris by leading Indian designers will be draped in 8 different regional drapes. Visitors will have the opportunity to look up all of the drape styles from ‘The Sari Series’ and explore the drapes themselves.

Photography Gallery

Friday Sari Project is delighted to present a snapshot of contemporary sari styling. The aim is to show the potential of sari in mainstream fashion: a beautiful, wearable but looser, edgier image of sari. We will also be showcasing images created by leading Indian photographers and stylists.

The Sari Series Independent Films – Screening

The Sari Series approached three diverse filmmakers to explore saris past, present and future through short film. Bon Duke brings his distinct editorial and movement based visuals; Q, a provocative vision and a lens on Indian culture; and Pooja Kaul her intimate and sensitive storytelling. Shown successively in a 30 minute series.

Sundar Sari – Bon Duke
Sari Men – Q
Untitled – Pooja Kaul


Future Drape will offer a view of the sari projected forward from its treasured classic, timeless appeal often steeped in tradition and culture and by many only worn at formal occasions, to the sari in fashion with a broader appeal and potential new followers.

The imagery chosen shows a less restricted wearing of sari than we may be used to seeing – that it can be work in the day, with a looser drape and with a wider variety of options for styling and easier to integrate within the modern wardrobe. The women wearing sari in the edit are young and old, closer to how it may have traditionally been worn – at work, for play, day or night, ageless, sizeless, timeless, genderless with endless designs for free expression – perhaps even one of the only egalitarian garments of all time.

Friday Sari Project Blog

Friday Sari Project (FSP) started as a personal blog by Mehala Ford exploring sari drape. With a desire to wear sari in casual daily style, Sri-Lankan born, British-bred Mehala embarked on a journey of discovery. Friday Sari Project aims to give others the opportunity to explore identity, to style sari, and to experiment with drape. Imagery collected from leading photographers offers fresh new ideas on sari style and an insight into the women wearing them.

13 October – 20 October: Sari Drape Workshops

3.00 – 4.00pm. Mehala Ford will be hosting private Drape Workshops, an opportunity to try out some of her favourite drape and styling tips. She will draw on the exhibition, photography, installation and films as references.

£18. Book tickets at

Future Drape

Future Drape is an exhibition in association with Border&Fall’s ‘The Sari Series’ : a future visions of sari styling and drape. Featuring Drape Installations, Photography and Film Screenings of ‘The Sari Series : An Anthology of Drape’.


Private View: Tuesday 9 October, 6-8pm. Film screening 6.30-7.15pm.

Friday Sari Project
25 Dulwich Village, SE21 7BN