At the start of this year, practice staff and patients of the Old Dairy Health Centre (ODHC), led by Dr Rosemary Leonard, met informally to explore how spaces at the former Unigate Dairy site might become inclusive, multi-sensory gardens to be enjoyed all year round, promoting well-being and maybe also forging links with local community groups who don’t have gardens.

From this, the Old Dairy Health Centre (ODHC) Gardening Group was born: a group of patients who dedicate some of their time voluntarily to develop and tend the spaces.

Progress has been swift, thanks to the excitingly varied range of skills, backgrounds and enthusiasms contributed to date by group members, who have been working on both the plant beds at the front entrance and the rear garden, which is bounded by the practice’s consulting rooms and back offices.

There are now raised veg plots in place in the rear garden. Filling them with seedling fruit, veg and herbs is not just helping to promote gardening for exercise and well-being, but also, it’s hoped, healthy eating choices. Working with practice staff, partners and management, the ODHC Gardening Group is now starting to explore possibilities for opening up the rear garden for a community event, and is looking into how to make the project sustainable – and the gardens welcoming and beautiful – all year round.

Pop in on Thursday 22nd August and take a look at what the Old Dairy Health Centre Gardening Group has been up to since they started in February.

* Drop by and see what’s growing in both our front and back gardens.

* Check out some healthy recipes using the vegetables we’ve grown.

* Chat to gardening group volunteers and practice staff.

* Share ideas for our gardening group project.

Thursday 22nd August
Old Dairy Health Centre
9b Croxted Rd, West Dulwich, London SE21 8SZ
Nearest train station: West Dulwich. Bus: no.3.