by Jessica Walker – home-made

Before getting started, take a few moments to think about your scheme. Decide on your foliage, decorations and ribbon. I have used scented pinecone to add fragrance.

You will need:

  • A wreath base, available from florists and craft shops
  • A spool of wire, and stick wire, as above
  • A pair of secateurs or sharp scissors
  • Moss
  • Evergreen foliage – a selection. Available from florists, but also have a look around your garden.
  • Fir cones – mine have been scented, with cinnamon, orange, cedar and myrrh to add a unique touch. and are available from Two cones, at Scotch Meats West Dulwich.
  • Ribbon – optional
  • Pillar candles – optional

Step 1

Your masterpiece, like all formidable constructions will need to be structurally sound. Do not rush this stage. Arrange your moss around your wreath base. Then take the spool of wire and attach the end to the base. Wind the wire around the moss firmly to secure it to the base. Work around for a nice even circle.

Step 2

Cut your evergreen foliage into even sprigs. (Workable pieces) and use the wire spool to attach these to the moss base.

Step 3

To give your wreath depth of colour and texture be sure to layer it with different shades of evergreen, berries, holly or even flowers and herbs.

Step 4

Finally, add your scented pinecones by using the stick wire to attach.

Step 5

You have now successfully made your own festive wreath!

Use a ribbon to secure it to a door, mirror fireplace or add the pillar candles for a sensational centrepiece for your table.

With the scent from the pinecones you can truly embrace the festive sights, smells and cheer of Christmas.

Two Cones – Now available at Scotch Meats, on Rosendale Road SE21 on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 – 1pm throughout the months of November and December.