You do great work, your product’s a winner. Attracting your perfect customer… that can be a challenge.

Here are five ideas to create blogs that will keep your ideal clients and referrers coming back for more.

1. Clarity, motivation

Why are you blogging? Who is your ideal client? Who are your referrers?

Clarity about that will help you create and promote regular blogs.

As website designers White Heat Design put it in a blogof their own:

… chang[e] your mindset from that of a business owner to that of your perfect customer. What are they looking for and why are you the right fit?

Cracking that will keep you motivated too. Why? You’ll be clearer about why you’re putting in time and effort to publish regular blogs on your website.

2. Finish, start again

You’ve just created a blog. It’s on the way to being read, commented on, shared…

Start another one right away.

A draft, even of a few words, will spur you on to get back to it.

3. Think ahead

Creating a blog is one thing, promoting it another? Yes and no.

Thinking about how and why you will promote your blog while you’re writing it will help you to:

  • keep your ideal client in mind
  • structure your blog in “digestible”, readable and engaging sections
  • encourage readers to react to your blog

4. Views, comments

Set yourself targets. How many people will read your blog? How many will add a comment at the end?

(I aim for at least three comments per blog.)

Include a “call to action” – often an open question – that encourages readers to give their views.

When you send your blog post to people in your network, ask them to add a comment too.

Offer to do the same on their blog or a recent LinkedIn post.

5. Images

Readers can quickly be put off by a wall of text.

Compelling images – especially that nod to design of your website and branding – will help people to keep reading.

Take a look at the websites Pixabay and Unsplash, for instance. (Please credit the photographer.)

Images will also help you promote your blog on social media.


You may not manage to blog every week; fortnightly or monthly may be more manageable to start with.

Posting consistently useful, interesting and engaging content – finding your blogging voice – can be a process of trial and error.

Give yourself the chance to get into your stride. It will be well worth the time and effort.

This article is based on a longer blog. Add a comment? Please do.

(Lead photo by prawnyon Pixabay.)