Some of you may know it as a tiny “shop front” you walk past on your way to the station in Herne Hill, others may have booked the tiny venue for a “Party Show” or special occasion. Some people believe “it only appears when you need it!”

The reality is, I opened The illusioneer Theatre and Studio nearly 10 years ago, as a place for me to perform and develop a number of shows in a theatre style for all ages. I developed three core shows that worked well for The illusioneer brand and the Little Theatre but now it’s time for change.

Over this time I sought to diversify the audience so a parlour show called “Midweek Magic Mix” was developed with other Illusionists and Magicians to bring in a new adult audience.

The core team of Illusioneers have now been with me for over 5 Years and because of my background in theatre, events and TV they wanted me to promote a stage show and event to a bigger audience After lots of different formulas we produced the now monthly event at Belair House called “The Bunco Show” a mixture of puzzles, illusions, mysteries, casino and street games, culminating in a fun cabaret at the end of the evening, a packed show with a great finish.

With The illusioneer brand now established and synonymous with quality shows and good entertainment, we wanted to spread our wings and to do this we needed to consolidate what works well for us!

At the beginning of the year I sat down to think about projects for 2019 and realised that we now had a number of quality venues hidden away around South London especially in this area and we had a number of successful shows that would fit these great spaces.

Over the next couple of months, The illusioneer will be concentrating on the two main shows whilst not neglecting the other areas of activity we have become known for!

The Bunco Show at Belair House And the  “Midweek Magic Mix” which is to transfer in July to “The Prince Regent” on Dulwich Road. It will be presented in their upstairs space ,perfect for this style of Parlour type Show and it has the bonus of excellent food and drink to hand.  Tickets available from our website and designmynight for The Bunco Show and MidWeek Magic Mix.

Children’s and Family Shows

We were always being asked “Do we have a children’s show we can buy tickets to?” so, in addition to our seasonal shows such as Halloween and Christmas, now we do, at other local venues, TBA.

The Dome of Illusion (Tent Events)

Visit us at this year’s “Lambeth Country Show” 20th/21stJuly 2019 and you will see the “Dome of Illusion” in action. Available for Weddings, Garden Parties, Fairs and Events.

The Illusioneer Grand Flea Circus

Will now become an event for hire under the “Dome of Illusion”

Tuition (Adults)

Will continue as previously but at a specially equipped studio in Herne Hill.

For other shows such as “The Friday Night Illusion” (Not necessarily on a Friday Night) and “The Showcase of Prestidigitation” keep an eye on the website for venues, dates and details.

Barrie Westwell

The illusioneer

Or ring:  07711 161 864